Why Investors Choose Engelhard Silver Bars

by Sarah on September 10, 2011

Engelhard Silver Bars are said to give investors and collectors more silver for their dollar. This is due to the lower premiums for the bars. The 10 ounce bars have a 0.999 or 99.9 percent purity, and the content of 10 ounces is stamped on the bar which makes it perfect for trading and easy to identify. The bars are very liquid and quite tradable. The Engelhard Corporation had headquarters in Iselin, New Jersey. It was once a Fortune 500 company that developed the first catalytic converter for production. BASF, a German chemical manufacturer, bought Englehard in 2006 for five billion US dollar.

The words engraved on the front of Engelhard Silver Bars are “1 TROY OZ. FINE SILVER .999+” along with the Engelhard name and large E globe logo for the portrait orientation. The landscape or horizontal orientation of the rectangular bar usually does not have the E globe logo. The 10 ounce Engelhard Bars have not been produced since the 1980s, but they do come up for sale or auction occasionally. You can rest assured that the Engelhard name is one of the most esteemed names in the industry of precious metals. The Engelhard Corporation began in 1902 and became known for precious metals products such as platinum, palladium, silver and gold coins, ingots, rounds and bars. The silver bars are the most popular product made by Engelhard industries.

Most, if not all, of the 10 ounce Engelhard Silver Bars have unique serial numbers. The letter P is used to denote poured bars, and the letter C is used to signify stamped or cast bars. The letters appear in front of the serial numbers. The poured silver bars were issued before the stamped or struck ones, and the first bars issued had a six digit number with no prefix. The struck silver bars have lettering that is raised, while the poured bars had the logo and lettering stamped into the bars. The 10 ounce bar measures 2-5/8 inches by 1 inch by 1/2 inch.

There are many choices for investing in precious metals, but Engelhard Silver Bars may be the best choice. The bars carry a lower premium over the spot silver price; whereas the premium you pay for coins or rounds is usually much higher. They are great for storage in safe deposit boxes, and they are very liquid and easy to sell. They are also used in precious metal IRAs. The 10 ounce silver bar is a cost effective silver investment, so you cannot go wrong with an Engelhard Silver Bar purchase.

Engelhard Silver Bars

Engelhard Silver Bars


You might want to consider, just what do silver bars and catalytic converters have to do with each other? The honest answer is, Engelhard. Now, it truly is worth noting the fact that Engelhard, a former Fortune 500 company, is a corporation of fore-runners. Charles W. Engelhard, under the name of his first company, American Platinum Works was crowned the most significant refiner and manufacturer of gold and silver, as well as owning the industry’s largest sized precious metal smelter. This was the building block of what is referred to as Engelhard Silver Bars, a silver bar this is certainly the standard in silver trading.

It actually was only until 1958 that Engelhard’s son combined all of the companies that the man’s father had attained over the years into the Engelhard Industries. Through the years, the Engelhard organization has always been one of the front-runners in refining mineral substances as well as chemical substances. Furthermore, as a result of an expanding business plan, they are also recognized with producing the first production catalytic converter into the auto industry in 1973.

While this is a substantial achievement, allowing vehicles to release much less harmful exhaust, what they have

previously been recognized for well before the company’s dabbling in the automobile market is precious metals. On the list of standard marks within the precious metals industry is Engelhard Silver Bars.

By having Engelhard Silver Bars, you have silver that is an amazing 0.999 pure. That is valuable because with that kind of purity, they’re acceptable for precious metals Individual Retirement Accounts. In addition, just like gold bars, the premium is lower so that results in more silver for your money.

By having the silver content stamped directly on the face of the silver bars, these bars are a wonderful source of liquidity and therefore are extraordinary in case these silver assets have to be traded.

There has been a lot of supposition over the value of owning precious metals like gold and silver, nevertheless the figures just never tell a lie. Metals like silver surely have continued to go up in market value, at times gradually and at many other times pretty quickly. That trend does not look like it’s slowing down in the foreseeable future. So, if you are looking for an inexpensive and excellent hedge against financial hardship, the 10 ounce Engelhard Silver Bar may be just the thing to do for your personal expanding investment portfolio.


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April 14, 2011

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